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New Features / Improvements

1In Sign-up page, the warning message of missing fields will be displayed sequentially
2After user requests to resend the passcode, the successfully message will be displayed
3Updating message for invalid phone number and form label, adding cancel button and required label to required fields
4The phone number which has been verified will be displayed in the Account Setting page after user signs up account via email
5The “SMS Notification” settings will be added in Editing Member page
6Support to send SMS message to inactive members and filter them by phone number
7Admin can view phone numbers of cancelled members as well as filter them by their phone numbers
8Verification status of users via phone number will be added in Browse Users page in AdminCP

Improving 2-Step Verification: 

+ Remove the setting "Enable 2-step verification" in AdminCP and put it in Account Settings page so users can control this feature by themselves

+ Users can verify their accounts by QR code, phone number or email.

+ Remove field Passcode in Sign-in form

10Support import users with Phone number and add warming alert when no file has been uploaded
11When mention a secret group in status, the hyperlink will be removed on group name for users who not join that group
12The user profile avatar directory path will be added uploading time
13The emoji will be displayed on feed when enable the setting “Add Comments as Feeds”
14The setting "Can post a comment on a feed?" will be removed
15Reorder Yes/No buttons in Confirm popup for all places
16When inviting friend, it will be auto-tag data on SMS field if clicking out of the box or on 'Send Invitation' button
17The error message "Folder Permission Error" will be appeared when Rebuild Core Theme fails

Bugs Fixed

1Could  not share Vimeo video has privacy: Private or Hide from Vimeo 
2Maps won't be shown in check-in status on mentioned/tagged user's profile
3Duplicate invitations when inviting friends via phone number
4Register with Phone Number - Verification code will be expired immediately after register if Default Time Zone is not UTC


Login back to wrong user after using feature “Login as Page”
6When editing menu, could not save "Allow Access" info if uncheck too many user groups
7Display the wrong selected date on the date picker when schedule to post a status
8The system don't send to users the new verification code when requesting to resend passcode
9Cannot remove the phone number which belongs to user account

Guests can access to Account Verification page which it shouldn't be

11Administrator could not login to AdminCP if they registered by Phone number
12Could not get details when sharing Instagram/Facebook link
13User receives the email with wrong language phrases in Relationship Status Confirmation Email

Fixing some layout issues


Fixing some issues about error/success messages, missing phrases

16Site does not work for users that achieved conditions of two nested promotions
17Parse characters encoding if using Windows-1252 or UTF-8

On Feed, when editing post to insert an empty line, it doesn't work

19Admin can edit user's info even though email field is empty
20Can not view some external image links when enable setting “Secure Image Display”
21Without Imagick server , GIF user avatar is scaled at some places

Fixing some issues with notifications when update post from Status to  Link or Link to Status

23When re-share a link which is posted in group, it could not be viewed on home feed
24The position to show the cover photo in Detail User Profile/Page/Group is incorrect
25User can still post status with invalid photo if using Safari browser
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