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This tutorial will show you how to create or edit a menu for your website. This assumes you are already logged in as the Admin user and are logged into the AdminCP

Creating Menus

  • Click Menus

  • Click Add Menu in the top right of the screen

  • In the popup, select:
    1. Placement (Main menu or footer menu)
    2. URL: 
      - External Url: put the full URL to the page you want this menu to go to. (Example: or
      - Internal Url: put only "blog" in case you want to go to Put "user.profile" in case you want to go to
    3. If you want this menu to have an icon (for themes that offer this), enter the font awesome icon . For example, if we want a Book icon we would enter fa-calendar here.
    4. Next, our image shows we have several language packs and so we have to put a menu name for each one or our menu will show up blank on the front end. Enter the name of your menu for each language you have installed.

Editing Menus

  • Click Menus (see first image in the step for Creating Menus)
  • You'll now see a listing of all of the menus on your site. 

To arrange the menus:

      • Click the drag symbol to the left of the menu name and drag it up or down. You will see a spinning icon in the bottom right once you finish moving the menu. That shows it is saving the position.

    • Once you've moved the menus where you want them, clear cache

To edit a menu:

      • Click the Edit icon to the far right of the menu.

      • Once you click the edit icon, you'll see a popup and can change things as shown in the popup section in the step for Creating Menus.
      • Once you've edited the menu how you want it, clear cache

To delete a menu:

      • Click the Delete icon (error) to the far right of the menu you want to delete and a dialog box will pop up for you to confirm you want to delete this.

      • Once you've deleted the menus you want to remove, clear cache




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