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There are a few tips for issues with logging in to the site. Once our support is open, please feel free to send us a ticket if you can't resolve issues.

Site in Maintenance Mode

Once your site is in maintenance mode, your login buttons disappear and you can only reach your login via direct URL. Simply go to: if you have short URLs enabled (and replace "yoursite" with your own domain) if you don't have short URLs enabled. 


Remember - you cannot access AdminCP until you have first logged into the site. Don't expect to go to and get in. You must first log in.

www & non-www Conflicts

When first installing your site, phpFox sets the domain of the current URL you are using during the installation. So if you install the site using, you must use this as your primary domain. On your server if a user would visit without the www and click on the Login popup, it won't work as your browser will see this as two completely different sites. To resolve this you need to make sure your web server sends all traffic to your primary domain, which in this example is using the www.

Apache Example (editing .htaccess file)


RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]

Nginx Example 

server {
    return 301 $scheme://$request_uri;


Users in X user group can't log in

If you find that users in some user groups can't log in, it is most likely a setting issue for that or those user groups. To resolve this, assuming your admin user group can log in, you would want to change the user group setting for:

Can stay logged into the site?

If you also changed the Admin user group to No for Can Stay Logged Into the Site, you'll need to go to the database to resolve that issue. This step is not for novices and could cause harm to your database if you don't know how to work in databases. Please contact us for help if you are not familiar with databases.

Please backup your database before making changes to it. 

  1. Log into your PHPMyAdmin.
  2. Find the table phpfox_user_group_setting
  3. Find the setting_id for can_stay_logged_in and change it to 1 for the admin user group or registered or whatever user groups can't log in (except for banned).
  4. The setting itself is also in phpfox_user_setting. Make sure you remember the setting_id for this and go in the phpfox_user_setting to change it also for those user groups.
  5. You will need to manually clear cache after this change. On your server, find the cache folder in PF.Base/file/cache and rename it to cachebu. Once you've renamed the cache folder, make a new cache folder and copy one of the index.html files into it (this just prevents nosy people from being able to see what's in your cache folder if they try to go to direct URL). This folder should immediately start filling with files which are needed to run the site. Check your site and if everything is fine, delete the cachebu folder you renamed earlier.
  6. Also, check for the setting user_is_banned under the core settings. This is intended only for the banned user group. If you set your user group at 1 then you need to set it to 0 so that user group is not banned.

No one can log in or they get redirected back to visitor page

This is normally an issue with crashed database or database tables. Your host can repair the database or you can see this guide. In most cases, it would be the phpfox_log_session or phpfox_user table that crashed. Note that crashing tables are a bad thing as it can cause damage if it is a common occurrence. You would want to check with your host and either upgrade the server or perhaps change the database to its own server. 

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