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You are using phpFox version earlier than 4.6.0? Please refer instruction for this article here.


Requires phpFox => 4.6.0

Short URLs setting requires that your server support mod_rewrite. Check with your host to ensure you have this on your server before you try to enable short URLs.

This tutorial will show you how to enable short URLs for your website. Short URLs can help with SEO and can also have a slight speed increase for users.

This assumes you are already logged in with the Admin user and are logged into the AdminCP.

Enable Short Url

  • Click Settings >> Short URLs
  • Once you click that, you'll see instructions for enabling short URLs.


  1. First, you'll need some sort of text editor such as notepad++ or Sublime Text. Open your text editor and copy the code from the instructions into a file with name .htaccess . Upload this file to your server via FTP to the document root folder (usually public_html, httpdocs, http, etc). Note: this file will be in the same place with PF.Base, PF.Site, PF.Src folders.
  2. Once the file is uploaded, go back to your AdminCP to the Short URLs setting and click Enable Short URLs.


Disable Short Url

In case you want to disable Short Url, follow these steps:

  1. Delete file .htaccess that you have added when enabling this feature.
  2. Open file PF.Base/file/settings/server.sett.php, find $_CONF['core.url_rewrite'] and set it to '2'.
$_CONF['core.url_rewrite'] = '2';