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You need to set up Mobile API in AdminCP in order to use phpFox Mobile app with your phpFox site. Please refer to this article for detailed instructions.

Install iOS app and Android app

Go to AppStore or Google Play on your device and search for "phpFox" app, then download and install the app named phpFox.





After installing the app, launch it.

On the first screen, please enter the URL of your phpFox site in Server Address field. For example: if your phpFox site is at URL :, please put value "" into this field.

Then tap Connect.

For Testing purpose, you can use our mobile demo site at URL:

User: - Password: 123456

If Mobile API has been set up properly on your site, users will then go to Log in Screen.



On this Login Screen, enter login credentials of the user on phpFox site. There are options for users to Sign up new account or reset password as well as Log in with Facebook

After signing in/up, users can enjoy your social with the phpFox Mobile app.

Have a good time!

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