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You are using phpFox version earlier than 4.6.0? Please refer instruction for this article here.


  • You MUST have a security certificate (SSL) installed on your server before setting this! If you do not have a certificate first, these settings will break your site.
  • These instructions ARE NOT applicable to those using AWS service. In this case, you can just enable SSL on AWS Load Balance instance and keep SSL/HTTPS-related settings of phpFox disabled.
  • In case you broke your site by mistakenly enabling HTTPS without having SSL certificate, and you are unable to access your site, use this guide to recover:

Once you have a security certificate for your server, you can set the following settings to use HTTPS for your phpFox site.

Secure Pages with HTTPS

If your server has support for HTTPS you can enable this feature to secure certain pages like the login, registration, and account setting pages.

  • Choose SSL from menu Settings. At Secure Pages with HTTPS setting, change it to Yes to enable HTTPS secure.

Once done setting either or both of these settings, you will need to click save changes, clear your site cache and browser cache.



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