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This error happens when your site tried to access phpFox Store at and failed.

By default, when accessing Admin CP, automatically there will be a connection to phpFox Store first to check for app updates, availability...

However, if the server of your phpFox site is unable to connect to the store server at that time, this error will shows up.

Possible reasons and Solutions

Unstable Network

First of all, we suggest you wait a little bit and then try again. As in some cases, store server could be overloaded with requests and results to a disconnection on your request OR your server has some obstacles while connecting to the store server. Wait a little bit until the connection on the server is stable could solve the issue entirely without any further action.

Problem with Firewall

It could be a firewall issue, wrong configuration on server settings... Your hosting provider can help you to figure this out and resolve the connection. 

Problem with DNS resolver

You should check DNS resolver on your system as the error "Could not resolve host name or service not known" is mostly caused by DNS. You can change DNS server to use Google DNS  ( and

If you are using Linux server, please follow these steps:

  • Edit file /etc/resolv.conf and clear all content
  • Add following lines:
  • Restart PHP process (if using phpfpm) or web server if running with mod-php

If you are not familiar with this work, we suggest you contact your hosting provider. They can assist you.

Contact Us

If the issue can't be resolved then, please don't hesitate to contact us by submitting a ticket in Client Area. We can help you check the problem.

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