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The Marketplace is a way you can monetize on the site and let your users also monetize by selling their products or services or whatever you allow to be sold on your site. This tutorial will help you set up your Marketplace. We have a video tutorial and written one below it.

User Group Permissions

Setting up your Marketplace with User Group Permissions can help you earn as you can charge subscription fees for people to be able to list items, buy items, etc. 

Enabling the Buy Now Button

If you want your users to be able to use instant payments (provided Paypal is enabled or you've added other payment gateways), you can follow these steps to enable the setting per User Group.

Marketplace Settings

You'll want to visit the Marketplace Settings in order to set up your marketplace how you want it. This shows how to set various settings.

Setting up and Managing Marketplace Categories

You most likely want your Marketplace to be unique and match the niche for your site. Editing, creating and deleting Categories is a good idea to make your Marketplace unique. Here's how to do that.

Managing and Editing Categories

Adding Categories

Clear your cache after setting any settings or adding/editing Categories.

 If you have a multi-lingual site, be sure to see our tutorial for translating categories!