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You are using phpFox version earlier than 4.6.0? Please refer instruction for this article here.

Perhaps you want to allow your users the option to purchase things from your site with their Activity Points. This tutorial deals with that feature.

First, you'll need to enable the Purchasing with Activity Points feature and set up user group settings as you want them.

Please note that once Purchasing with Activity Points is enabled, it is a site-wide setting and will allow users to purchase anything that is at a price on the site - ads, Marketplace items, subscriptions, etc.

This is the default product and not having to do with third-party products as those vendors would need to deal with Purchase with Points for their products. If looking to use this with third-party products, please contact those vendors.

This tutorial has following sections:

This assumes you are already logged in as the Admin user and are logged into the Admin CP.

Enabling Purchase with Points Setting

From Admin CP> Installed> select Activity point app

Scroll down to the settings for Allow member to Purchase with Activity Points

  1. Activity Points Conversion Rate - Set the Conversion rate per currency. If you add currencies later, you need to remember to come back here and set it for any new ones added.

Enabling and Managing User Group Settings for Purchasing with Points

Each user group has its own settings for the Purchase with Points feature. You will need to check each user group and set it how you want it. Please see the User Group Settings tutorial for how to manage user groups. Once you select the user group you want to change, scroll down to see the list of settings where you can manage and set permission for a specific user groups. Click Yes to enable or No to disable.

Note that there are default values for how many points are purchased. This is hardcoded and if you want to change that, you will need a developer to customize it.

Allow to use Activity Points for exchanging items - Yes to allow users to purchase with points and No will disable this feature.

Allow member to Purchase Activity Points - This allows users to buy points from you. It requires you to have a payment gateway set up.

Can members of this user group gift activity points?- You might want your users to be able to gift points to their friends as well.

Setting Points for User Groups

You can set a number of points users will receive when doing things such as posting a blog, photo, etc. From the Activity Point App setting page> click on Point Setting tab. 

We set the number to 1. That means for each blog/attchment uploaded, the user will get 1 points. You can edit the number of your choice by clicking on the number.

Purchase Activity points

After enabling the setting Purchase Activity Points, users can purchase activity points following these below steps:

  • Go to their user profile page.
  • Click on the profile's drop-down menu, choose Activity Points.

  • Click on Purchase Packages button on the right side of the page

  • By clicking on the button it takes user to the Point Packages list where user can select package then make the purchase.

  • After purchasing completely, Activity Points will be added to the account of the user.