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You are using phpFox version earlier than 4.6.0? Please refer instruction for this article here.

Creating Ads in AdminCP

As an Admin you can create HTML based ads directly from your AdminCP by creating a new block, select Add Block a choosing HTML Code as the block type.

Place the HTML code in the code input area for the new block and set the location (where on the page you want it) and choose Controller (which page should it show on). For our screenshot below of a simple HTML code is added (You can put here HTML code of Google Ad or any ads platform), We chose Sitewide as the controller as we want it all over the site.

The result will be as follow on main page:

Of course you can customize your ads to be more fancy than just our simple text.

Enabling ads for Users

To enable ads for your users to submit and for you to monetize, the first thing you need to create is an Ad Placement.

To do this, login into your AdminCP and go to

AdminCP > Apps > Ads

Then click on Manage Placements and then NEW PLACEMENT

A popup box will appear as below:

Our ad placements support both CPM and PPC.

Once you have created a placement you or your users can now create ads if that membership group has permission to do so.

User Group Permission

Let's make sure users are actually allowed to create ads, by default this is disabled. So let's enable it for Admins.

Head over to

Admin CP > Members > User Group Settings > then set the following values:

Apps = Ad

Group = Select the user group to set a permission

Enable Can create ad campaigns? >> Click Save Changes to save.


Creating an Ad (User, front end)

Now that we have an ad placement and that we gave our user group the power to create ads, head over to your site.

At the bottom of any page of your site, you should find the link Advertise. Visit the page and you should find a + button to create new ad.

This is where you and your users can now create ads.



Can't see the ads you are creating? Make sure your User Group Permission is set to true for "Should ads be shown to members of this user group?" for your user group and any groups you want to see ads.

Sometimes advanced ad filters can make ads not show if you don't have everything set up in your account for your state, zip code, etc. We recommend not using advanced filters (AdminCP >> Settings >> Ad Campaigns >> Settings).