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You are using phpFox version earlier than 4.6.0? Please refer instruction for this article here.

If you've purchased a lite or basic package and would like to upgrade to a higher one, please follow the below steps.

  • Login to your Client Area.
  • In your Client Area, you'll see Lite Package there (for example)
  • Click on detail of the package, you'll see the "Upgrade" button there
  • Click on "Upgrade" and you will see the available packages to upgrade. In this example, the client has paid $0.00 for Lite, therefore, the difference would be as below. 
  • Choose Package and Pay
  • Done

How to Enable the Features/Modules

Now that you have purchased and updated your license in your client area, you need to enable the new features. If you are on the most current version, you can just enable them via the toggle modules area.

If you are not on the current stable release, please log into your account and download the latest version and perform an upgrade. Your new features should automatically enable. 

Clear cache.

Upgrade the phpFox Package in phpFox site

If you want to upgrade your phpFox package: from Lite/Basic to Basic/Pro, please follow instructions below:

  • First, replace the content of the file PF.Base/file/settings/license.sett.php with the code:
define('PHPFOX_LICENSE_ID', 'techie'); define('PHPFOX_LICENSE_KEY', 'techie');
  • Next, go to Admin CP of your site, you can see the link License key in Settings menu, click on the link. In next page, you can enter new license information:

Congratulation! You have upgraded your phpFox package successfully.