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This article is for those who are holding phpFox Ultimate license. In this article, we will provide you with a completed step-by-step guide on our mobile app building process for Premium Mobile app. Please carefully review and follow each step to make sure we can properly build your app to the best quality and in time.

We assume that the Mobile API has been set up and verified properly. If not, please refer to this article to set up Mobile API. You can use the phpFox Mobile app to verify if Mobile API has been set up correctly or not.

Step 1 - Initiate the mobile app building process

When you ready with your site and want us to initiate mobile app building process for your site, you can log in to Client Area and Submit a ticket to us.

You need to open a ticket under account holding the phpFox Ultimate license.

You should prepare and send us all required assets which we need during the app building process by completely filling this phpFox Mobile App Requirements form.

Please check the How to request to build your Premium Mobile app article for more requirement details and instructions.

Step 2 - Verify information and assets we received

After we received all required information and assets of the mobile app, we will take a little bit of time to verify.

In general, the verification process usually takes about 1 business day to finish, but it depends and might take longer.

- We will inform you with any invalid info or asset, then you can provide us again valid pieces.

- If all the items are valid to our criteria, we will confirm and proceed with the next step.

Step 3 - Build and test your mobile app

Our team will schedule and inform you about the detailed timeline. Normally, it takes about 2-4 business days for us to build and test a mobile app.

Step 4 - Providing build files for testing purpose

When your mobile apps are built and ready for you to review, they will be distributed to your Apple Developer account and Google Developer account.

You can test your iOS app via TestFlight and Android app via Google Play.

After installation, you can now start the app and begin your testing process.

Please go through all the features and functionality of the app, if you are confused or encounter any bugs/errors/problems, please report to us. We will help check to fix/resolve reported issues.

Details on Resolving Issues

At this stage, below rules will be applied when fixing issues:

1. We will fix critical issues of the mobile app which impact significantly to main functionalities or user experiences... We will examine this case by case and provide you with clear information on this. Any issue that we check and confirm that is the issue on our mobile app (For instance the issues also appear in demo mobile app), we will consider and provide you support to resolve them. However, for minor issues, we will fix them in the next releases of the mobile app.
3. To fix issues, depending on the complexity of the issues, our team will arrange a specific timeline to resolve each issue. Please work with us on this timeline. 

Step 5 - Resolving issues and rebuild the app (if needed)

After all the reported issues are recorded and confirmed, we will process on to fix and rebuild the app for you.

Test the app carefully and report as many issues as you can at one time in the previous step as the rebuild time is limited to 3 times. It means you have the first build from us to test for issues/problems, then you will have another 2 builds to fix the issues you reported. 

After we fixed and rebuilt, we will distribute the app to you for verifying again, and you can test the app again just like on step 4.

Rebuild Charging Policy

In case after 3 builds and you still figure more issues on the mobile app, you can request us to rebuild the app to fix these. But now you will be charged for the build request.

Step 6 - Build distribution app and Publish app to Stores

After the app testing process and your mobile app are ready to distribute publicly, you can request us to create the distribution apps and publish to Apple Store /Google Play.

In order to submit the mobile app for review then, you need to fulfill yourself other required information.

Our Mobile Build Service doesn't include follow works:

  • Configure App Details on Apple Store and Google Play

Therefore, we are NOT responsible for app rejection due to reasons relating to site content, app details or missing materials.

After completing the Distribution build, the Build Process is finished.


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